12 ounces

Region: Karatina, Kenya

Producer: Mugaga Society

Varieties: SL28 & SL34 & Ruiru 11

Altitude: 1800 meters

Harvest: December 2017

Process: Washed

Flavor Profile: Strawberry + Rhubarb + Sangria

Notes: Neighboring Mount Kenya, the Mugaga Society turn out some of the most celebrated and sought after AA coffee in Kenya. The Mugaga society fetch a great price for there work. Kieni is the mill that sorts, cleans, and dries the coffee, they have a good reputation for thorough processing and vetting. Kenya is one of the few places on the map that you can correlate the price to the cup quality. Competition is fierce for the best lots, this drives the incentives up for the farmers and mill workers. We want that top lot, they want to produce it in order to get the highest bid. The system in Kenya is efficient and beneficial for all parties. Kieni AA is loud and clear with jammy fruits, rhubarb tart and long florals on the finish. If you take a bag home, it unveils a delightful shift in profile each day post-roast. A top-tier coffee, that may change your perspective on drinking filtered coffee. Enjoy!

All orders are roasted Tuesday-Wednesday and shipped Thursdays.

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