Region: Pallatanga, Ecuador

Producer: The Merinos of Chimborazo

Varieties: Bourbon Sidra, Typica Mejorado

Altitude: 1,700-2,000 meters

Harvest: August 2017

Process: Washed

Flavor Profile: Elderflower + Starfruit + Bees Knees

Colin Merino and his entire family planted 20,000 coffee trees in 2009 in pursuit of cultivating high quality varietals. They only pick cherries that are ripe at a brix scale of 22+. They are meticulous, a hard-working crew and subsequently hometown heros. After their farm Lugmapata became a major success, they propagated 120,000 more shrubs for their neighbors in Pallatanga to farm with in the coming years. The varietals Bourbon Sidra and Typica Mejorado have excellent cup quality, we were stoked to even get our hands on this rare taste of it! This is truly a unique and well executed coffee from a country that annually produces much less coffee than its neighbors. Ecuador has taken the lead with labor-laws in Latin America. They require a livable-wage for all workers and 15 days of PTO, among many other safeguards that give workers a leg-up. The result is the highest minimum wage in the Latin America. This means we pay more and it’s definitely worth it. In the cup, the dry is sticky-sweet with aromas of mandarin and passion fruit. In the cup, persimmon, lychee, mango, elderflower and long finish of candied-lemon. Truly, a cup to savor, share and celebrate.

All orders are roasted Tuesday-Wednesday and shipped Thursdays.

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